Your biggest mistake? – Bet Chat

Your biggest mistake? - Bet Chat

This Saturday’s WiseTraders Strategies Day includes the biggest and best stock trading software package we’ve ever included, which means everything you could ever need to trade stocks consistently.

Crucially, and for the first time ever, it includes my Market Timing tools and access to my Market Timing Commentary, which has an astonishing record for winnable calls. 

When you get market timing right, you are more likely to win, it’s as simple as that – trading stocks or just the indices. 

I’ve been on the right side with winnable commentaries 89% of the time over the past 15 months, so think about what that could mean for you even if it’s just a few select trades.

Don’t miss out.

Talking of watchlists, all the stocks in my smaller list from last week are behaving as expected, with no surprises – which is logical for a holiday week.

Market Outlook

Watch the video at the foot of this email for more detail.

Last week in our private VIP Telegram groups I didn’t rule out further upside, but also that this dramatic bullish cycle was due a rest soon, and for you to NOT chase over-extended stocks, no matter how tempting.

The market got another boost on Monday, and it has held on to that gain. That suggests further upside, but again I warn against chasing overbought issues.

If you’re already holding overextended stocks that’s fine. Just make sure your stop gains are in a sensible place.

In the meantime, there are a few decent OVI setups near Key Levels for us to focus on.

For there to be a tradeable reversal (to the downside) at these elevated levels we need to see some sort of blowout or obvious exhaustion type of bar for increased likelihood. Think monorail bar, long tailed doji, or railroad tracks. We haven’t seen any of those yet.

The Main Indices

As per the last couple of weeks, the three main indices (SPY, QQQ, DIA) are bullish but overextended. The IWM is not technically overextended – in fact it’s consolidating just below its 200-dma but will likely behave in line with the other indices.

Market Timers

Longer Term Market Timer (OVIs): Yellow.Medium Term Swing Timer: Still quite toppy but back from having been overbought.Index OVIs: The four main indices all have blue OVIs.

Fast Filters Stock Selection

As per last week, plenty of consolidations, but many do look overbought, which means they have a higher rate of failure. I like to stick to the ones near the Key Levels.

Watch the video at the foot of this email for this week’s picks.


It’s just four days away now! Our Stocks Summit Strategies Day in London on 2nd December will be the most practical ever, and with the most bonuses ever.

Each session will have a practical exercise for you to complete, so you can build your confidence in finding the exact type of setup you want to focus on. These practicals will include Market Timing and specific stock strategies and will only take 15-minutes for you to complete. This will give you the confidence to use our tools to their maximum potential while saving you huge amounts of time.

Last week we held the Foundation Day online and the recording for that is already up and available. Note in the coming days we’ll chop that up into the relevant chapters for easy viewing. 

Video analysis

Remember, you can play the video at 1.25x or 1.5x speed if you want to save time! 

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Author: Kyle Moore