“Unhinged” – Bet Chat

“Unhinged” - Bet Chat

Reporting from temporary BetChatHQ, central London…



“Pretentious decadent excess”

“Utterly mad”

“She’s the maker of her own evil”

No, those aren’t words used to describe one of Bec Chat Bec’s big nights out, but rather the review headlines of the 1981 cult classic Possession, which I finally managed to watch last night after failing to find it online for the past few years.

(To reiterate, NOT Bec Chat Bec on a night out)

To say it’s something else and potentially divisive is an understatement, but seeing as it is now available on Amazon Prime UK, I thought it my public responsibility to give it a mention. Do let me know what you think (clients@thebetchat.com).

Some stuff to do with betting

Sadly for some (me), this is still actually a betting e-letter rather than one about cult classic films, so I thought I’d drop you a line to say hi before heading out on this fine Friday evening.

How’s your betting been going recently? Is there any particular type of content you’d like us to send more of? The England women’s team are good, aren’t they?

Again, for any and all feedback and comments, please do email us at clients@thebetchat.com.

From our end we’ve obviously been mad busy getting things ready for the start of the new football season, and the latest thing we’ve set up for you is our Last Man Standing competition…

It costs just £10 to enter, landed one lucky pup over 700 quid last year, and will get underway next Friday but is open to join right now via this link.

Then there’s our Bet Chat Fantasy Football League which, while it has already started, is still open to new players until next week…

The link to join is here and so if you’ve started FF well this season and now fancy risking a tenner to compete with your fellow Bet Chatters for cash and other prizes, why not give it a whirl?

There are probably a hundred other things I could tell you about – and I must and shall write to you in this manner more often (sorry, about that) – and so do keep an eye out for more of this sort of thing from me over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, have a cracking weekend, send me your disturbing film recommendations and, most importantly, come on England!

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Author: Kyle Moore