Real signs of imminent exhaustion

Real signs of imminent exhaustion

Lots to cover today… 

First, the feedback from our Stocks Summit has been the best ever.  

Reports of astonishing success – including DOUBLING of account sizes in the last two weeks – and huge endorsement of the practical exercises we conducted throughout the day.  

We’ll do more of this, starting with our Orlando Options Bootcamp in April.

Our VIP software is so strong now that it’s literally a click or two to find great stocks and options trades according to our amazing method and principles. There’s simply nothing like it anywhere else.

Practicals will now be a dominant theme for our Masterminds, events and webinars moving forward.

A quick word about the markets before the main review section… The early warning signs of exhaustion are now here.  See below and the video for details.  

Market Outlook

Watch the video for more detail.

Last week I said the likelihood is that until we see a clear sign of exhaustion (like a monorail bar, railroad tracks or long-tailed doji) this market would keep grinding on.

We’ve had an amazing bullish run, but there are now palpable early warning signs that this party needs and will take a rest soon.  

A high number of overextended reversal signals is the first sign, as well as the fact that there is a high number of overextended stocks in general, reflecting the overextended state of the main indices.  

What this means is that there are fewer high-quality opportunities around our favoured Key Levels, so if you haven’t participated in this run, don’t worry, there will be plenty of chances in 2024.  

My expectation from here is that when a market high does get confirmed, it will be followed by a retracement down to a Key Level or thereabouts, which will then give us further opportunities.  

The expected retracement will likely be lesser in percentage terms than previous downward retracements since July, and that will set the scene for a large number of bullish Shrinking Retracements setups.  

I expect this scenario to materialise during Q1 of 2024.  

So, as with last week, resist the urge to chase already overextended issues. Stick to the plan we talked about at the Stocks Summit. It’s serving our members brilliantly, as recounted by so many members who have transformed their own performance by following our method and using our wonderfully focused time-saving tools. 

The Main Indices

All the indices broke out beautifully from their consolidations last week. They still look strong, but they are overextended so don’t chase. As ever, do protect your profits.

Market Timers

Longer Term Market Timer (OVIs): Half-green.Medium Term Swing Timer: Bullish.Index OVIs: The SPY, QQQ, DIA and IWM have positive OVIs.

Fast Filters Stock Selection

Very few consolidations this week, and even fewer near the main Key Levels. 

Remember, of all the Big Money Footprints, the three most important are OVI, Shrinking Retracements, and Key Levels. The others are also very helpful, but those three are the ones I look for first in the VIP section. The bullish Shrinking Retracements are still quite scarce right now, but after the next meaningful pullback (and subsequent bounce), they’ll start to populate again.

Watch the video at the bottom of this email for my suggestions.


Our Options Bootcamp in Orlando on 20-21 April will be the most practical ever, with around 20 exercises and with the most bonuses ever.

Like we just did in London, each session will have a practical exercise for you to complete, so you can build your confidence in finding the exact type of setup you want to focus on. These practicals will involve all the options strategies covered, with each one taking only a few minutes to complete. This will give you the confidence to use our options tools to their maximum potential while saving you huge amounts of time.

Video analysis

Remember, you can play the video at 1.25x or 1.5x speed if you want to save time! 

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Author: Kyle Moore