“I don’t need to be up yet Saskia”

“I don’t need to be up yet Saskia”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

It’s fair to say I am not a morning person. Bet Chat Bec on the other hand very much is.

It’s one of the reasons why the world of Bet Chat doesn’t just shudder to a standstill between about 11pm and 11am.

You see, while I’m not bothering to set an alarm and instead letting nature take its course… which doesn’t always work out too well…

…Bet Chat Bec is hard at work keeping the ship afloat and, when I do arise, giving me the required kick up the arse to do important things like email you fine people.

So, here’s to Bet Chat Bec. I very much appreciate you!

Coming soon in Bet Chat land…

You may well have noticed we’ve been pretty quiet on the email front of late, and that hasn’t been purely down to me slacking…

Rather, we’ve been preparing another ’12 Days of Christmas’ promotion.

If you didn’t experience it last year, you’re in for a treat and, if you did experience it, you’re also in for a treat!

You see, starting Christmas Day, we’ll be sending out an email a day with free gifts, free tips, mega discounts and even a competition with a prize worth over £1000.

All in all, it’s well worth paying attention to (and, if nothing else, it’ll be an excuse to disengage from the family squabbles for a few minutes a day 😉), so take this as your official heads up…

From Christmas Day and for 11 days afterwards, get ready to fill those value betting boots!

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Author: Kyle Moore